Science Teaching - Subject Knowledge Enhancement
The Subject Knowledge Enhancement course otherwise known as the SKE, is a program of study which I believe is offered by many academic institutions at University level now. Not all trainee teachers come directly out of University and straight into teaching (although I would have expected that to be the usual path). Some trainees are “career changers”, some (as in my case) may be “new career seekers” and as such may hold qualifications that are old and possibly in need of refreshment. Some ITT providers may make PGCE offers conditional on the attendance of such a course, in any event my advice to anyone would be to seek one of these and enjoy it. The course I undertook was provided by the same University that I am completing my ITT with (Newman University, Birmingham, UK) and it was a superbly structured and interesting course, tutored by two first class experienced teachers / scientists. My SKE notes are here as an EXE e-book wrapped in a ZIP file so that your download manager doesn’t reject it. It’s 27MB and will require a password to open it. Please contact me if you’re interested.