Science Teaching - About The Site (And Me)
Since before I can remember, science has held a fascination for me. During secondary school my favourite subjects were Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics. I came into Biology during the second year of its presentation because of a change-around with ‘option’ subjects. This led to a summer holiday in 1976 of intensely learning a whole year’s Biology in 6 weeks !! But I did it 8-)
I suppose in some ways, the fact that I was retired from full time work at 52 years old would seem to be too good to be true, most people nowadays (here in the UK anyway) have to wait until they are in their mid 60’s. I had a long, satisfying career with the emergency services which lasted for 30 years, before which I was an industrial analytical chemist in the steel industry. During my 12 year long involvement with the Open University (I collected a number of scientific and mathematical qualifications and at the same time worked full time). I was introduced to the expression ‘life long learner’ by one of my tutors (and a good friend) who held four degrees himself, and I adopted this for myself. I have always placed a high value on education, and am a firm believer that we learn new things every day, and will do so to the end, but let’s not get too morose here, you might want to know why I’m doing this now, aged 56. Well….I am a born altruist, I like to help people and when I see the ‘lightbulb moment’ that is my reward. I spent two years as a local secondary school’s voluntary ‘mentor’ and, during this time, advised and guided a number of students on issues from behaviour, anger management right through to helping them with ‘question 4’. My reward was that a number of these students went on to better things, and although I can’t take all the credit, I’m sure I helped. So, armed with (in my opinion) the right approach and a suitable academic toolkit, I am entering a new chapter in my life. These pages will reflect some of my milestones during the journey, and although we’d all like smooth roads, I’m aware that ‘rocky roads’ will pop up every so often. Catcha on the flip-flop (as truckers might say) - Martyn